Setpisit Suriwong ( Indy): P.6 : Amatayakul School


I started learning at Nava when 1 was 4 years old in 2015, and I’ve been learning there ever since. Now, I’m 12 years old in 2024. 

Nava is the ideal environment for forging friendships and meeting with teachers who fluently speak English from various countries with expertise in the language. My time here has not only enriched my English proficiency but also made learning very enjoyable.

 Most of my English skills come from watching You Tube videos and playing video games. Watching videos from creators in different regions helps me get used to different accents and speech patterns. I usually watch YouTubers who speak English, which helps me understand pronunciation and sentences better. I also repeat sentences or phrases from the videos to practice speaking.

In video games, I chat with others and read instructions that I need to understand to play the game. Even if the game offers other languages, I set it to English to learn gaming terminology and expressions. It’s important to enjoy gaming while also working on improving English skills.

Setpisit Suriwong ( Indy)

P.6 : Amatayakul School

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